Monday, February 5, 2018

In the making of Artisan Soap

I don't know how to make cake but i know how to make soap frosting! But i do love cake especially chocolate and cake velvet.And you know what, my fav television show is Cake Boss.Buddy is so funny and his cake art is unbelievable.Im pretty sure i am not artistic enough.Just do it whatever i like.At least worth trying.This frosting i manage to make after 3rd attempted.Haha.This first one looks like my cat poop.I laughed at myself.I don't even know how to put the tips on the plastic.Its so funny how silly i am.

Can't wait to pull this soap out.You know when your are truly soap maker.Its when you so addicted to make soap and can't wait to see the result.How do my soap looks like?

I don't know.Have to wait for 24-48 hours to take it off the mold.

till the moon kisses the skies..xoxo

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