Friday, May 11, 2018

Gift Happy Teachers Day

Hello everyone!

Election day is over.What a headache and heartache week for Malaysian right?
Its over now and we hope new government leads us for better Malaysia.

For me,i am still little bit busy for this soap making.I made this for teachers day coming on this 16th May.Oh!Don't forget also the same day we are going to celebrate for Ramadhan!

I enjoyed doing wrapping for gift especially with my own customade design paper.Wuhuuu at least other competitor don't have my design and they can't copying me.Hihi

You must be noticed that i love pastel color so much.Yes, i do love pastel color and english style decor since i was young.Opsss!

If you same had same taste with me, say me at hello via whatsapp 019 900 4488 ya.
This soap design and wrapping can customise for your any occassion such as wedding,e-day,aqiqah,baby shower and so on....

till then..xoxo
Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hi besties!

Comel tak sabun macaron ni?
Sebenarnya,sabun macaron comel di buat untuk majlis aqiqah tapi boleh juga untuk majlis kahwin,tunang dan sebagainya.
Label tag tu free je dan boleh di ubah untuk nama etc.

hm..doorgift sabun macaron  untuk besties yang nak kan kelainan lah kan.At least guest wondering,eh apa ni?tak pernah tengok pun.Comel sgt!
Semestinya guest tak akan buang punya.Sebab sabun kan boleh tahan lama,boleh lah guna kan?

Macam2 doorgift yang terdapat kat luar sana tu kan.Bagi Evereen natural&handmade dah mesti lah fokus pada sabun,sabun dan sabun..haha!Kalau nak doorgift yang comel dan rare dan ala-ala mat saleh pilih lah SOAPDOORGIFT BY EVEREEN YA!

Sabun handmade ni sebenarnya tak murah.Kalau nak yang lagi besar bentuknya boleh tapi kos akan lagi mahal lah sebab lagi berat lagi mahal.Dan i'm sure besties pun budget kaw kaw punya budget untuk doorgift kan?

Kalau sabun macaron ni untuk packaging seperti diatas budget lebih kurang RM1.80 - RM 1.50 bergantung pada kuantiti.Jangkamasa siap dalam 1-3 minggu.Bergantung pada kuantiti dan tak busy.Kalau busy,order kena tunggu queue.Thats why kena order awal,jangan last minute sebulan majlis baru nak order yea besties.Rancang elok2..jgn semua nya last minute nanti besties jugak yang stress!!

Oh ya,sabun ni boleh diletakkan pewangi.Fragrance dari Ohio,US dan sampai..pewangi nih sesuai untuk kulit dan natural.Takde alcohol!!

Yang berminat & yang serius & yang boleh bagi TRUST!

WA 019 900 4488

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Do you have Sensitive Skin?

Are you suffering for sensitive skin?Do you usually have red patch on your skin?Sometimes its feels itchy and patchy rash.This is  means that you have sensitive skin and allergy to some preservatives on the product itself.It can be on shampoo,make up,perfume,hair dye or even in you skin care routine can all contains irritants to your skin.

Basically,the list above is not complete.There is more list to go.But you can always make this as a references before you purchase just check the label of the ingredients.

Please take this seriously as for the long term you skin can't tolerance to the chemical, it may result of dermatitis problem such as eczema etc.

I would always suggest to try handmade soap with less chemical of course and natural ingredients with rich of fat (oil) derived from vegetable sources.

For sensitive skin , i would suggest use oatmeal soap which is gentle to your skin and no preservatives!

Always test a patch behind your ear to check the skin any reaction.Sensitive skin is hard to cure but you can prevent it.You must know about your skin condition before you use any product.

We can't blame on the product because our skin is different by the type of normal,combination,oily,mature,dry and sensitive skin.Among all sensitive skin that tendency to develop dermatitis its hard to cure and only advisable to use gently product.

Choose handmade!!