Monday, February 19, 2018


Hello lovelies,

This is how it looks after i taking out from the mould.Please ignore the messy desk behind😅😅
As you can see , the soap still wet and soft because i am using soft oil@soft fat such as coconut oil,olive and castor.To make harden i used little bit of palm oil instead of chemical to harden the soap.I don't want have high percentage of palm oil either in my soap to avoid dryness for skin.

Oh yah, i put Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance.Its smell amazing.But please note that it won't have the strong smell like lotion etc because of chemical reaction while doing cold process soap.

I wanted to do swirl but then it turns out to be like in the picture.
Planning lain,jadi lain.Bolehh la kan?

btw,i like the color though.Hope you all like too.

This soap will be ready for sale on March 10,2018.

You can try it or you can be my agent buying wholesale for low moq 10pcs.

Anything just contact me via WA 019 900 4488

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Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hi gals..Happy Chinese New Year for all chinese in Malaysia.
And happy holiday for everybody.Be safe..

You can't go wrong with this oatmeal honey soap.I made from scratch.Its moisturise your skin and protect from dryness.Don't use commercial soap in the market especially if you have sensitive skin,it will make your problem gets worst.

Okay gals,if you interested to try, giveaway for doorgift or to sell using your own brand,contact me via WA 019 900 4488

Low quantity for wholesale 

Sabun oatmeal dan honey berkesan untuk kulit normal,sensitif,dan kering.As you all know,kalau dan kulit jadi kering maka cepat lah berkedut kan?Bila dah berkedut memang susah nak hilangkan kecuali pergi lifting kat klinik.Mahal beb!

That's why i fully suggest,start usia yang muda guna produk yang natural dan bebas kimia berbahaya.Memang lambat kesannya kalau nak putih ke apa ke memang tak boleh unless letak bahan kimia untuk memutihkan kulit.Bahaya!!

Sabun commercial di pasaran banyak yang guna minyak kelapa sawit semata-mata.Kalau tak caya,bila pergi market tu,just usha sikit kat bahagian sabun.Palm oil memang efektif agen untuk membersih tapi kalau digunakan dalam peratusan yang tinggi akan menyebabkan kulit kita kering.
Cuba mandi guna sabun commercial@industry,ada rasa mcm tegang semacam jer kan?Bersih tu mmg bersih tapi tu lah kulit akan kehilangan lembapan.

Cuba guna sabun natural handmade.You will see the different instantly.Kulit jadi lembut dan lembap dan tak kering.Lagi pulak,lebih selamat sebab takde bahan kimia yg berbahaya untuk fast result.

Please read about the benefits of oatmeal and honey from previous post okay!

Monday, February 5, 2018

In the making of Artisan Soap

I don't know how to make cake but i know how to make soap frosting! But i do love cake especially chocolate and cake velvet.And you know what, my fav television show is Cake Boss.Buddy is so funny and his cake art is unbelievable.Im pretty sure i am not artistic enough.Just do it whatever i like.At least worth trying.This frosting i manage to make after 3rd attempted.Haha.This first one looks like my cat poop.I laughed at myself.I don't even know how to put the tips on the plastic.Its so funny how silly i am.

Can't wait to pull this soap out.You know when your are truly soap maker.Its when you so addicted to make soap and can't wait to see the result.How do my soap looks like?

I don't know.Have to wait for 24-48 hours to take it off the mold.

till the moon kisses the skies..xoxo