Thursday, February 14, 2019


Owh! I notice that i haven't post anything for 2 months here.
The reason why...i've been busy for making soap door gift.
Every day my time is occupied with schedule.I don't even have  time for holiday 😓
Rushing to complete order to catch up with the due date.
The last thing i want to do is not to make my client disappointed.

Thank you so much to all my clients who gave me so much trust.

So here is the latest door gift i made for bestie Mudzi from Sabah.
Japanese Sugar scrub & mini soap.

Please follow my ig evereen_hq for an updates.
For quotation click direct whatsapp :

Make sure let me know the quantity so that i can quote.Thanks

Sunday, December 23, 2018


1) Lemon & Baking soda

- Squeeze the lemon juice into baking soda and make it paste.Apply to the problem area.

2) Potato

- Slice the potato and put in the affected area.

3) Potato juice + lemon juice

- Grate the potato, put in the mixer and squeeze the lemon juice.Combine together.Pour into ice cubes tray.Put in the freezer.Rub it on your face and then wash it with cool water.

Please take note that lemon does not suitable for sensitive skin.


Heyy gals,

This particular month i noticed my face started having a problem with dark spot on my cheeks.
I knew soon or later i will get this skin problem.

During my youth,at early 20's i did my beautician course in Clara International beauty academy.
I did scanning my face and saw big dark patch in the deep layer of my skin.I have been told that when i get older , the dark spot will appear in the surface of the skin.Meaning that,it will visible.

Oh no!...and now here i am...the aging sign started begun.

I have fair skin and melanin protection are lesser compare if you have darker skin.Well,thats disadvantage of having white skin.Plus now ,i am not consistent to apply skin protect sun block before going out.

I am considering laser treatment but i know its costly so i have to survey the price and the certified dermatologist clinic.If you've got the same problem like i am , please don't go to beauty saloon who provide the laser treatment.Its illegal for beauty saloon to perform the procedure.Only certified doctor have privileges to do so.

Dark spot and pigmentation are so difficult to cure besides than laser treatment for fast result.I don't want to consider using hidrokrounin chemical because its hard to find the correct percentage.Yes,there is so many product contains this chemical from Thailand which has higher percentage than it should be.Thats why your skin can change to white overnight!!

So now, i will started with natural remedies before i go for laser treatment ( if affordable!!)..haha