Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello LoVely,

Have you ever heard this quote " You Love The Wedding But Not The Marriage "?
My fav quote that always whisper on my head since teenager until a women now!hehehe...
Though i reach my maturity now(pls dont ask my age!)..hahaha...i jz feels that what ever our age now, we always needs Love , always hoping that our Love last forever , aren't we??
Unfortunately,not all lucky...some have sad story because of Love..some have not get Love like we imagine..Some Lost..Some Gain...well, that is LIFE.We need always be strong.Its not the ending of our life is someone who you truly love from your heart leave forever.Stay positive,GOD will always knows what is the best for you.

I always into a HEART Shape.Perhaps is because i still wondering what LOVE actually is...haha..I may not be lucky to fulfill all in my life with LOVE...but i am always grateful what i have.I always believe GOD only give what we needs instead of what we want.

To LoVely out there who already met your True Love , i would say congrats and my pray for you and your Love will be happy together for the rest of your life.If now your are planning to have a wedding and try to find something meaningful for your special guest,i would like to suggest to order custom made mini love soap for doorgift.

I can custom made soap with your color and fragrance that suitable for our skin.My product is handmade and using vegetable sources only.No chemical and no animal fat.

Should you have further inquiry,please do not hesitate to Whatsapp 019 9004488.We can discuss further to suit your budget and needs.

Till then , hope to hear from you soon.

Love , Evereen

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