Monday, November 27, 2017

Forget about your Competitors...

How many of us doing a business but always worried about competitors?

Worried them better than us.
Worried they earning more than us.
Worried their product look better than us.
Worried they have more customers than us.

Look at Apple for example, do they worry about their competitors such as Samsung etc.
No,they don't.
They are sharing the same market of what marketing called as blue ocean strategy.Apple has established for so many years but do their product much better than Samsung?

Well,the answer will up to consumer judgement.Everybody is not the same.The requirement and the needs will definitely differ.

Although they are in same niche(selling smartphone) but their USP ( unique selling proposition) is not the same.

For example,iPHONE are using ios operating system which unique and trademark for Apple.Nobody can copy Apple for the ios.You can copy the physical appearance (hardware) but not the internal (software) of iPHONE.

What i try to say is,the quote by Jack Ma is totally true.He said if you copy you competitor,you die,
As a small business owner,i will take this advise seriously.

Be yourself
Believe in yourself
Set your own trademark
You know yourself better than anyone else

Just focus on your customer niche.Believe in God for your 'rezeki'.

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