Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DOORGIFT that you will Love!

Happy bride = Happy guest!
Most probably true right.Who does not love beauty product especially women like us?
Handmade soap,lotion,body scrub,lip balm etc.
We just can giveaway something special and memorable for our guest.
They can use it for quite some time also isn't it.

Btw,i can customise your order within your budget.For example,i can find for you low budget for your lotion.We can put it in the container for 5gm or 15gm.Plus custom made sticker with your name and your love one on it.It is cute and i think just enough for your guest.

Our mini love also quite popular and as low as RM1.50 you can give something romantic and not waste by throwing away etc..Your guest can use it!

If any chance for you to think of Soap doorgift by Evereen,just ask by WA 019 9004488 or inbox me for the quotation.

Till then xoxo

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