Saturday, December 30, 2017

Malaysia DOORGIFT Handmade Lotion - 100% organic

Heyy gais,are you looking a special doorgift for your VIP or your special guest?
Check this out handmade Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion that i made for e-day event.

You can request for fragrance such as rose,lavender,peppermint etc.And you can request for color too.
All sticker i made by myself,its unique and modern look.The sticker i can customise with your name or photo if you like :-)

The main ingredient of this lotion is coconut oil.Well,you all they so many benefits of coconut oil for your skin.That's why minah saleh in UK,USA also use of this oil for their regime beauty care.

I can make this lotion within your budget.Of course,the packaging/bottle smaller than in the picture.Just let me know your budget.I accept low quantity.You can give away for your special guest only.

Lets chat via wassap 019 900 4488 for any question.

Just for reminder.All my product is not from Thailand.I made it by myself.No Harm Chemical.All is natural product safe and good for your skin.

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